When should we submit our papers? 

Answer: An author may submit the article anytime. If accepted, it will be published in the next upcoming issue. IJEECT publishes one issue every month (12 issues per year).

When will I receive an acknowledgment email for my submission?

Answer: Paper submissions are normally acknowledged within 24 to 48 hrs .

What is the average time period to publish any research paper in IJEECT?

Answer: The publication process takes 20-25 days.

How long does it take for the paper review process? 

Answer: IJEECT normally takes 14 to 21 days for the review process. 

How much do I have to pay for Publication Fee? 

Answer: IJEECT Publish all the accepted papers at free of cost.

Where can I find Manuscript Preparation Guidelines?

Answer: The format of IJEECT is given in the SAMPLE PAPER link. Authors are requested to download the format and ensure the observance of the format in the article submitted for publication.

Where can I find Copyrights Transfer Form? 

Answer: If your paper is selected, please download the Copy Right Form from the page and send to ijeect.editor@gmail.com

How to submit a paper? 

Answer: IJEECT supports online manuscript submission system. To submit a manuscript electronically you need to convert your files to M S Word format (.doc extension).  Author can send the paper to mail id: teslapub.editor@gmail.com or ijeect.editor@gmail.com

Why to submit to IJEECT?

Answer: International Journal of Electrical, Electronics, Computer Engineering and Technology (IJEECT)is a team of researchers not publication services or private publications running the journals for monetary benefits. Publishers of IJEECT constitute an association of scientists and academia who focus only on the publication of good quality papers in IJEECT in the minimum possible time. IJEECT guarantees a maximum exposure of all IJEECT’s published articles in various indexing sites/databases.