Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

  • Authors are requested to provide declaration indicated supra along with the article submitted.
  • Articles should be typed on 12/14 font with a 1.5-line space. In the case of any article with two or more authors, a joint declaration by all the authors would be required.
  • The author(s) may kindly provide complete details of their background, current status and articles already published.

Peer review of articles

  • A careful perusal and review of any articles submitted for publication is a natural sin que now for ensuring the highest levels of quality.
  • All efforts will be made to expedite the review process and communicate the result of the review, at any rate, within a month from the receipt of the article.

Some of the criteria adopted in the review would be:

  • Originality and uniqueness in the underlying thought
  • relevance to existing processes and methods which have gained currency and acceptance
  • specific use to students and industry for knowledge and productivity improvement
  • Upgradation of existing knowledge and expansion of its boundaries.
  • Universal relevance and applicability. However, concepts provided for specific applicability to Indian Industry will be much welcome.
  • Absence of any oblique or indirect citations of any article published already. However, if the reference would help ushering in new thoughts in the place of those published already that have become outdated or obsolete, may be provided separately. These will be examined by the review board for suitable inclusion as an appendix to the article or in some other manner.
  • Acceptance of the article : Once the article is found acceptable for publication, communication thereof will be provided together with any amendments that the review board finds necessary. The author will be requested to provide his clearance to the amendment(s) which may kindly be done within a week from the receipt of the communication.  Once the article is taken up for publication, the author will not take any step to get it published elsewhere and to withdraw it from IJEECT.

Authors are requested to ensure the following before submission of articles to IJEECT:

  1. Plagiarism Check: The review board will carry out the conventional plagiarism check using the good quality plagiarism software/ tool (Turnitin / iThenticate). In the case of exclusion of references, it should be less than 5%.
  2. Quality Check: Papers submitted should be cutting edge, result oriented, original papers and within the scope of the journal and should belong to the engineering and technology areas. There should not be any word ‘Overview/brief/ Introduction, Review, Case study/ Study, Survey, Approach, Comparative, Analysis, Comparative Investigation, Investigation’ in the title of the paper.
  3. Manuscript Submission: The manuscript submitted should carry the declaration from the author referred to above. The publishers will not accept any claim for compensation from anyone who claims to own the right of publication.
  4. Permissions 
    In respect of any article wherein figures, tables, or text passages already published elsewhere are included, the authors should obtain permission from the copyright owner(s) for both the print and online format and include the evidence of such permission along with the article submitted.
  5. Paper Submission Criteria: Any author can submit up to 5 articles for the same volume/issue. The review board reserves the right to accept any of the article(s), if found acceptable
  6. Review Criteria: IJEECT uses the double-blind review process in the scrutiny of articles submitted for publication, which means that the names/ identities of both the reviewer (s) and author (s) are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process. All manuscripts submitted are reviewed by three reviewers one from India and the rest two overseas.
  7. eCopyright: In respect of any article accepted for publication, the author should provide a letter of authorization to the IJEECT for the publication before the publication.
  8. Template: All accepted papers should be formatted as per the IJEECT’s proposed template. This is meant to ensure the contents of the paper are fine and satisfactory. Author (s) can make rectification in the paper. This is not possible once the article has been accepted for publication and communication has been provided to the author. In the formatted paper, volume no./ issue no. will be on the right top corner of the paper. In the event of failure or default in this regard, the paper will be declined from the database /the publishing house.
  9. Copyright Property: All articles and conference proceedings published in IJEECT shall be the property of IJEECT. Any author planning to get any published article or extracts thereof in any other magazine may do so only after obtaining the specific permission from IJEECT.